With over 20 years of experience working on some of the most rare and iconic automobiles, our head detailer has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to looking after your car and making it look better than new. It isn't just detailing services that we offer in house. We offer full paint correction, Sealant of the paintwork after with carnauba wax and a full interior detail with shampooing of the carpets. Our exclusive professional detailing services for the enhancement or restoration of your car range from £250 plus vat all done by our detailing team.

Paint Correction process -

- Full claying of the paint to remove any contaminates

- 3 stage machine cut

- Hand finished with our own finest carnauba wax to re-seal the paint

- Paintwork is treated to a three stage paint correction process, to remove light paint imperfections ie: Swirl marks

- Chrome and stainless steel surfaces are treated and polished.

- All light clusters are treated and protected.

The Detailing process -

- Full hot wash and shampoo of the car

- Wheels and arches chemically cleaned

- Engine bay and door hinges fully de-greased and steamed

- Decontamination of the paintwork with the removal of tar, road grime and other blemishes on the paint

- Decontamination of the wheels from brake dust, road grime and imperfections

- Full Machine polishing

- Full car clay barring

- Full interior clean with the shampooing of the carpets and cleaning and treating all leather to it natural state

- Full carnauba wax by hand

Many other options are available - get in touch to discuss them

Kaaimans detailing products -

Tired and tested by our in-house detailer, Keith, the Kaaimans detailing range that is available will provide protection for the car with the Wax and leather care to a shine with the finest finishing spray and the tyre sheen.

The list of products includes

- Finest leather care

- Glass cleaner

- Luxury shampoo

- Finest finishing spray

- Tyre sheen

- Finest natural car wax

- Microfibre cloth and wax applicator