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About Kaaimans International

From daily deluxe to high impact sports cars, from super rare hyper-cars to classic and exotic automobiles, the Kaaimans International portfolio comprehensively covers every car enthusiast’s dream garage.

With a current stock list valued at £15 million ($20m) Kaaimans International has the substance and resources to rival any exotic car retailer in the world. Operating out of Tollerton Hall, we have the capacity to manage up to 100 cars at any time.

Kaaimans International is managed and co-owned by Gary Tolson. Having worked for the last 20 years in the high end motor industry Gary manages the daily business. Kaaimans International evolved out of the private collection of Gary’s partner, Ian Kershaw. One of Nottingham’s leading businessmen, Ian has a vast collection of the world’s most desirable cars; including multiple super rare Ferraris, almost every Lamborghini ever made, plus every car imaginable from Mclaren, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Porsche, even unicorn cars like the mighty Aston Martin Vulcan.

“I absolutely love cars. I think they are far more than fantastically clever and beautiful transport machines. They can be exquisite works of art and terrifying beasts all at the same time. And often time seems to make them even more desirable. What else is there that offers so much in one package? A Picasso painting is hugely valuable, possibly even staggeringly beautiful, but you can’t drive it, you can’t sit in it, smell it, caress its many surfaces and materials, you can actually have a relationship with a car on so many levels!”

Kaaimans International is a professional, accredited exotic car retailer. A selection of our stock is listed on this website, but if there is anything you want us to source or locate for you please get in touch and let us know.

Thank you for your support.