Eco Friendly, Hybrid, Plug-in and Electric Cars at Kaaimans International

“My other car is a Ferrari......”

In 2017 sales of electric and low emission vehicles pushed past one million for the first time. Or in other words, 1% of total global sales. According to a study by Deliottes that figure will reach 10% by 2024, 20% by 2029….and off we go. The tipping point is upon us. All big changes in life have a “tipping point”. That moment when momentum suddenly takes hold and the cork bursts from the bottle.

Just because we love supercars does not mean we don’t love the environment. Supercars represent the very best of what cars can be, but they are also exquisite and complex masterpieces, regardless of what powers them and when they were made.

So whilst electric and low emission cars are about to hit their stride, “super” cars will always be special and desirable and in our lives. Most people who own a supercar also own a second, third or even more cars. Taking an Aventador into a multi-storey car park is impossible; even parallel parking on a normal street a is a nerve-wracking experience. So a lot of our customers will often ask us to supply something practical, but also “cool”.

Which is why we have introduced “Kaaimans Green”. With the same ethos, the same principles and the same desire to provide the very best possible, we are now offering a little icing on the cake. Whether it’s a Smart Car or a Porsche Taycan or a even a Tesla model X, we can supply any car to suit literally any need – as long as it’s also cool.

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